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So. Finished reading Eisenhorn.

Took me about two months or something like that and that is actually the biggest surprise to me.

It was a welcome reacquaintance, make no mistake. But the sheer amount of time it took to read these nine hundred pages is puzzling to me. Legion only took four days. Sure, less pages to read but the fact still remains.

Eisenhorn was slow reading.

Come to think of it, so it was the first time around I read it.  

So how was it?

As I said, a welcome reacquaintance.

There are a couple of WTF!? moments, like when he defeats a Titan in the beginning of Hereticus. Or how Eisenhorn’s psychics sometimes work through the blanketing prescence of a nearby untouchable.

Another was how Eisenhorn was capable of smiling a few times in Malleus. Despite his face being paralyzed early in Xenos.


But these complaints are for naught.


Because of the insane angles of the saruthi. Because of the way simple knowledge can drive you insane. Because of the whole ending of it all in the tomb of the dæmon king Yssarile.

True, because of me knowing what was going to happen to Ikes band this time, the inevitable deaths did not shock me as much as the first time around or perhaps I am just jaded now, ten years later.

It is still one of the best, if not the best book series Black Library has ever put out.

I stand by those words. Abnett is now a better writer, yes. But he has never come close to the tightness and intensity of the Eisenhorn trilogy.

Legion was close though.

40k never felt more real than here.


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